Bird Mail 041

Hi friends,

Welcome back to Bird Mail, your Tuesday newsletter of links from around the internet that keeps changing forms because I am currently having fun trying to figure out what this space is supposed to be.

This week, it’s short list: 4 things to watch, and a place for collecting the other things to watch. Next week, expect something totally different.

If for some reason, Bird Mail isn’t your jam anymore, no worries, you can leave the nest at any time.

  • Warning: if you have any fears of heights, or get drone footage makes you queasy, skip this video of Danny MacAskill riding The Slabs on the Isle of Skye and watch his old film—also on the Isle of Skye—Way Back Home. Long time Bird Mail readers will know my love of Danny’s incredible bike handling skills and incredible scenes natural or man-made he rides through.
  • Man-made scenes that look natural are the expertise of Roman De Gilui, maker of Satellike. I could watch hours of these manufactured landscapes set to beautiful ambient music. If you’re interested in how he made these check out the description and the link to the behind the scenes.
  • It reminds me, too, of the lovely abstract overhead views in 3:45 PM, which encapsulates that feeling of Sunday scaries so well.
  • Like most of you, by this point in quarantine, I have suvived many Zoom/Facetime/Hangouts that should have been an email, but none of them have been as exciting, or ridiculous, as this English council meeting gone completely awry.
  • I am not very good at watching TV shows if you tell me to watch them. Game of Thrones? Missed it. The Sopranos? Nope. Breaking Bad? I know, I know, I promise I’ll get around to it but I won’t. I’m just as bad with movies, though they’re a little easier to fit into life, instead of a few hundred hours of a TV series. I used to have lists of films and TV to watch in multiple places. Now, I have Reelgood. This is an app everyone should have on their phone. Sign up, pick the streaming services you have access too (don’t forget to use your library card to get access to Kanopy, then add the films and TV to your list. Reelgood will show you where you can watch your list, and my favorite part, what you can now watch, or what might be leaving a service soon. Their “Love, Like, Dislike” rating system is also one of the better systems out there. Since I’m terrible at watching TV shows, tell me what movie I should add to my Reelgood list and I just might get around to watching it.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Bird Mail. Let me know if there’s one form or another you prefer, or if you’ve found anything in your own little corner of the internet you’d like to share. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend,

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